How Does class a scheduler Work?

class a scheduler is interactive software that offers tremendous flexibility in both scheduling options and operator use. With class a scheduler, you finally have the tools to help your school easily incorporate double periods, course lectures, and extraordinary arrangements of class meeting times into the schedule.

Power and flexibility make scheduling serve the needs of the school, rather than forcing the school to struggle constantly with unreasonable scheduling software constraints. People who use class a scheduler actually look forward to the scheduling season!

Developed from the scheduler's point of view, class a scheduler has the power to create the Master Schedule AND pay attention to the needs of individual students and teachers.

It's much better to build a conflict-free schedule than to engage in endless conflict resolution. Many features let you probe student, teacher, and course data to obtain the best arrangements at every step along the way. This puts you in charge of the schedule. class a scheduler does extraordinary things with school scheduling problems.

class a scheduler includes training, technical support, online documentation, and software upgrades.

class a scheduler is designed to be the easiest, most intuitive scheduling tool on the market. The following pages show you a few of its dialogue boxes to demonstrate some of its strengths. Click on any page below...

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