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Longhouse Software introduces class a signup, an efficient system that gathers student registration data and delivers it to class a scheduler. Together, these tools give schools a solution that not only reduces the time and resources involved, but provides complete control of the registration process.

Start Scheduling Sooner

class a signup produces instant course signup data ready to load directly into class a scheduler. With direct online entry, no more illegible paper forms and days of painful data entry. With verified and accurate data, no more error prone bubble sheets and corrections. With class a signup, no more headaches.

Students log on from anywhere to review their course choices and make their selections. class a signup provides grade appropriate course choices and verifies that course registration is complete. Prerequisites, permission requirements, elective, and alternate course selections are all available. After a simple review, they submit their selections and you have everything you need to start scheduling.

Benefits and Benefits

For students, a quick and simple registration. For you, a dynamic way to track your signup process and an efficient way to gather student course requests. Without all the typical errors and omissions, class a signup starts your scheduling off on the right foot. All you need is an Internet connection and a browser and you're ready to go.

Student Features

  • sign up anytime, anywhere with any web browser
  • course catalog and school curriculum requirements available online
  • course prerequisites, permission required, credits, terms and other information
  • pre-assigned and locked courses
  • all information and course listings based on student's grade level
  • submit final course signup after verification of course load and requirements

Administration Features

  • import student and course lists
  • preassign courses to an entire grade, a select list of students, or an individual student
  • organize courses into logical departments and course groups
  • lock courses that students must take
  • reports on signup status, class counts, student/course lists and other info
  • export signups into class a scheduler
  • updates without downloads and installs

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